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  • Sarah Yu 6 years ago

    Thank you!!! This is such a helpful and easy to understand tutorial!

  • rankyaseoservices 6 years ago

    How to SEO Your Web Page for Google video tutorial session explains the way
    in which you can further guide Google to understand your landing pages for
    first page Google ranking results.

    Thank you for learning with me, I am looking forward to your constructive
    comments and feedback.

  • plow28 6 years ago

    I was wondering about how you feel about wordpress, more specifically the
    available SEO plugins for WordPress. Do you feel any of them are any good?
    I understand that it is a good idea to amend the permalink settings on
    there, for example. I confess I am a little confused about the arrangement
    of folders on wordpress. Once a theme has been chosen then is that the
    folder structure of the website which cannot be altered? Can new folders be
    created for upload with a keyword name on wordpress? I I would value your
    input on this.