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  • shadowstar120 7 years ago

    oh yeah? :)

  • meshehates 7 years ago

    Thanks this helps a lot ;)

  • IzonHow 7 years ago

    hey where can i get this document?

  • Ace Joe 7 years ago

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  • Kelly Goode 7 years ago

    Thank you so much for your info. These are great tips.

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  • seoservices adelaide 7 years ago

    playlists work like a charm

  • puffcomentor 7 years ago

    Thank you so much

  • Mitchell Kraus 7 years ago

    Perfect video for SEO.  I have no suggestions except ask for more SEO relative videos.

  • MeRandomVideos 7 years ago

    Thanks for posting this video and others on YT ranking and how the ratings effect the same.
    I had a quick question though, if one was to post a youtube video on facebook one could end up gettings a lots of thumbs up on facebook but not on youtube…(as folks might not take the time to go to youtube and vote)…How do you think this effects the ranking ? does it help that you get the thumbs up on facebook ? guess not ?
    thanks for your thoughts !

  • RayTheVideoGuy 7 years ago

    I have found this to be very difficult. I have content meant for Canada, and it ranks really well in US Google search, but poorly in Canada.  Perhaps using keywords that are very Australia-specific, like slang words that US viewers wouldn’t really understand?

  • RayTheVideoGuy 7 years ago

    The Playbook really does spell it out.

  • CodeWithChris 7 years ago

    Hey, thanks for these tips! I was looking for some tips on how to rank better and why some people seem to get an average of 10 views per day per video and some other people average more.

  • LordLouisShows 7 years ago

    is there a better way to target the country you live in to watch your youtube show i live in Melbourne Australia and i want the traffic for my youtube videos to come from Australia any tips ?

  • LordLouisShows 7 years ago

    nice work man really helps 

  • La Mode 7 years ago

    Great Job

  • Steve Mine 7 years ago


  • Workout Planz 7 years ago

    That was fast and helpful…thanks!

  • theoben1972 7 years ago

    very helpful…atb Darren

  • TheNecktieNinja 7 years ago

    Helpful summary….thanks!

  • moin haq 7 years ago

    yes ..good

  • Chris Dukarski, PT 7 years ago

    You Rock!! Thx dude!

  • Sumit Chawla 7 years ago

    even i have tried to share few tips on seo
    can u plzz check out & give review :)

  • GuessThisPrice 7 years ago

    Good info.

  • Rockfordchim 7 years ago

    I see they have updated the Creator Playbook since this video was made… Do you have tips from the new version?