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  • Yassinos Yassine 7 years ago

    lah i7afdek akhoya raha khedmat liya l3ezz bik ah raditha 200 follower

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  • Mouad Hakimi 7 years ago

    walou a akhouya ktab lia tag waiting

  • omar bbv 7 years ago


  • jonatan estores 7 years ago

    5oya abdelkrim kay tla3 liya had error “RuntimeError: element DIV specified by TXT:Follow was not found, line: 2 (Error code: -921) “

  • Mitu Islam 7 years ago

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  • Gabriel Jim 7 years ago

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  • achràf verona 7 years ago

    ànà badalt langue ou walou :/
    chi 7àl khouyà abdlkriim làh yjaziik bl5àyr

  • ma Marea 7 years ago


    script kdim wa7ed chouia,
    change le mot clé DIV par span

  • fouad aslloun 7 years ago

    khouya had imacros darto f google chrome o fl firefox mais fache kan9ad serveur man ba3d kandir play yalah kibghi ibda o ki katbo lia étape du replay :1 o ta7tha Tag waiting… 3(6) s o ki w9af 3afaaak golia ache ndiiir rani mtaba3 m3ak hadchi man lawal chouf ila bghitini nlou7 lik tasswira tchoufha nlou7ha lik et merci 3la kolchi ga3 dorross li katwarina :D

  • Amine El Qaraoui 7 years ago

    khouya 3a kandir jouer mazal ta mafolowa ta wa7ad o ktab liya “tag waiting…….”

  • Manoucha mbs 7 years ago

    5oyia abedelkrim barak allah fik w nchallah rabi yjazik kol 5ir

  • Manoucha mbs 7 years ago

    merci walid,badeltha DIV b SPAN cv ca marche mercii

  • lemselek said 7 years ago

    chokran bzzaaaaaf baddalt DIV bi SPAN o radit tweeter b anglais o l hamdou lillah kolchi mazyan

  • serj michael 7 years ago

    khoya abd lekrim rah jrebto m3a chrome et twitter en anglais makhdemch et avec mozilla et twitter en anglais o makhdemch , mnach lmochkil akhoya??

  • jander salah eddine 7 years ago

    ana akhi meme problem dial james smith en+ dayro anglais!!!

  • Walid Abdelalim 7 years ago


  • Yassine Chaquir 7 years ago

    Allah Ye3tik sa7a a khoya

  • Jamila Jikoute 7 years ago

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  • Omar Abarki 7 years ago

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    khoya rah mabghax kay7seb 6s okayo9af ma3reftx 3lax kan andi tweter b englais oradito francais walo :(

  • monir hossain 7 years ago

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